Tri Ethyl Citrate (TEC)
Chemical Formula
Structural Formula C12H20O7
Molecular Weight 276
CAS No 77-93-3
EINEC No 201-70-7
HS Code No 2918.1590
REACH Pre-Registration No 05-2114305346-57-0000
Colour APHA 50
Acid Value Mg KOH/gm 0.2 Max
Specific Gravity At 20oC 1.135 – 1.139
Moisture Content KF, % by weight 0.25 Max
Viscosity At 20oC 35 – 37 cps
Refractive Index At 20oC 1.439 – 1.441
Flash Point oC 150
Purity by G.C. % 99% Min
  • Tri Ethyl Citrate has characteristic properties of being colourless, practically odourless and non-toxic in nature & it is a good solvent for many chemicals and resins used in manufacture of perfumery products.
  • It is an ester based on natural citric acid manufactured to meet needs of cosmetic and fragrance industry, considering the toxicological safety for producers and end-users in sensitive applications.
  • In fragrance and perfumery products as TEC is non-toxic, non-irritating and free of any sensitivity effect on skin.
  • In deodorants as TEC inhibits enzymatic decomposition of sweat components a source for malodour.
  • In nail polishes due to TEC’s resistance to any discoloration due to light and because it imparts oil resistance, which prevents migration into contact medium.
  • In hair sprays as TEC reduces tackiness due to its low volatile components.
  • In flavour emulsions as TEC has partial water solubility, which helps emulsion stability.
  • In pharmaceutical industry for film coated tablets.
  • As a high boiling solvent and plasticizer for vinyl resins, cellulose acetates etc.
We can also provide TEC as per BP/EP/USP for pharmaceutical applications.
Tri Ethyl Citrate is supplied in 225 kgs drums, 35 kgs carbouys and in IBCs.
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